Alec Bracegirdle


Alec Bracegirdle lived twenty full years between May 16, 1996 and August 30, 2016. He died tragically while on his first independent film shoot. Alec aspired to become a filmmaker and put everything he had into it, up to his last.

Alec was born to parents Philip and Linda Bracegirdle and brother Adam Bracegirdle in Calgary, AB, and he had the opportunity to travel and make friends all over the world in Montreal, London, Gothenburg, Paris, Zurich, Barbados, Seattle, and Maui. He was inspired by his many travels, and came home with a passion to create.

Alec was, and will always be remembered as, a soulful, caring, generous and talented young man. He raised our spirits with his songs, music and his dreams of the future.

With friends, Alec was cherished for his fearless and entertaining spirit. Well travelled, a man of great musical and cinematic taste. He wore his heart on his sleeve and made an impression wherever he went.

A beautiful human being — he was taken away from us, just as his life and career passions were taking off. It is devastating to so many of his friends and family around the world, but Alec would want us to remember him as Alec: forever young and free.

Please contribute to Alec’s memorial fund. These funds will support young aspiring filmmakers like him.

We will love you and be inspired by you forever Alec.