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VICE Film School X WonderVisions X Panasonic

Film School is a program initially conceived by VICE to support the Wonder Visions Film Fund and our mission to provide education and meaningful training opportunities to young filmmakers. Together with VICE, Panasonic stepped forward to sponsor the program and graciously provided access to their flagship camera: the Panasonic Lumix GH5. 

Hosted by a collection of VICE’s best talent, VICE Film School is a ground-breaking series of educational films and editorials, geared towards creating the next generation of documentary filmmakers — all housed and run within a custom educational platform hosted on VICE.com.

For the first time, VICE is creating a space where young filmmakers can access coveted expert knowledge about documentary filmmaking.

Starting in February 2018, students will have access to 18 films, 38 editorials and 2 “kit room” films in collaboration with Panasonic. 

Wondervisions would like to thank VICE and Panasonic for making the Film School a reality.

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First Features Strand

WonderVisions will sponsor a new strand at the 2018 Calgary Underground Film Festival for first-time feature filmmakers. Our partnership  has just begun, but we are thrilled that this new award can be a legacy for Alec and an opportunity for a young filmmaker out there. Stay tuned for CUFF running 22 Nov - 2 Dec, 2018.